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Terms of Use

As part of the Park District’s dedication to the management of its debt program, the Park District has provided this site to provide investors with information pertaining to the financial condition of the Park District. In addition, this site provides investors with information on the Park District's bond ratings and its prior and upcoming debt issuance calendar.

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Securities may not be sold, nor may an offer to buy be accepted, to the public prior to the time an official statement relating to such securities is delivered in final form. A definitive official statement with respect to any bonds will be made available concurrently with their sale. A preliminary official statement for any publicly offered securities may be obtained on this site and from the firms listed on the cover of the preliminary official statement.

Any preliminary official statement relating to securities included on the debt issuance calendar page is provided only as a matter of convenience. For investment advice on securities, please contact your investment advisor. No statement found on this site is incorporated by reference in official statement for the securities and no statement on this site is part of any official statement.

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  3. Bond Ratings

This site includes current ratings on certain of the Park District’s bonds.  A rating, including any related outlook with respect to potential changes in such rating, reflects only the view of the rating agency assigning such rating and is not a recommendation to buy, sell or hold such Park District bonds.  An explanation of the procedure and methodology used by each rating agency and the significance of the ratings may be obtained by contacting the respective rating agency.  Contact information of an analyst at each rating agency is provided on the site under “Bond Ratings.”  The information included on this site may be outdated because of changes that can occur frequently. _

  1. Other Information May Be Available
    The site is provided for convenience, and the site may not provide all information that may be of interest to investors. The information contained on this site may not be complete, and additional documents may exist containing other relevant information.
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